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Transcription Services
Professional Transcription Services in 80+ Languages

Looking for Transcription Services?  LetterCrafts US is your partner !!!


Letter Crafts Translations is a professional translation company with offices in USA & Singapore, with experience and expertise in multiple geographies and industry sectors. We provide translation services in over 80+ languages. we offer professional transcription services helping easy comprehension of the content.

We are happy to assist and align with your needs and provide guaranteed customer satisfaction

Reliable Partners in Transcription Services

We work with a team of professional native language translators that provide accurate transcription. Our transcriptions are backed with certificate of accuracy including the credentials of the translators. We guarantee client satisfaction and ensure the transcriptions meet high standards of quality for client. We offer support post transcriptions to clients. All this at an affordable costs to help Clients meets their goals.


Our English transcription prices start from as low as $10 per min. Non-English language transcriptions start from $15 per minute. 


We provide quality transcriptions in record time. With 99% accuracy guaranteed, we will provide the best transcription possible for audio with noisy environment.


Our project managers and transcriptionists will serve you to ensure you get the best experience. With a team of competent transcribers working round the clock your projects are in safe hands.


We offer tape transcription services and treat contents with the utmost confidentiality. All our transcriptionists haves signed signed NDA with us. We will do the same with you to assure data confidentiality.


At times you may need certification to prove the accuracy. We offer Certified Transcription that is acceptable by the most. If the receiving end has any specific instructions we will fulfill them.


In the event of any problems with transcription, we offer you quick customer support. We will ensure your transcription queries are resolved on time.


Our professional translation team is segmented based on industry expertise. Some of the popular types of translation we handle are Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Financial Translation, Translation for Marketing & Advertising, Legal Translation, Website Translation & more







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