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Notarised Translation Services
from $ 18.95/page

Looking for Notarization Services?  LetterCrafts US is your partner !!!


Letter Crafts Translations is a professional translation company with offices in USA & Singapore, with experience and expertise in multiple geographies and industry sectors. We provide translation services in over 80+ languages. For our US clients we provide notarization services which is valid in all 50 states, we also provide apostille services upon request.


We are happy to assist and align with your needs and provide guaranteed customer satisfaction

Personal Document Translation & Notarization

Certified Translation for Educational Certificates

Certified Translation for Personal Documents

Notarised Translation for documents

Notarised Translation for USCIS

Certified Translation for DMV

Certified / Notarised Translation for  Birth Certicates

Certified Translation for Marriage Certificates

Certified Translation for Bank and Other personal documents

Certified Translation for Medical documents

Get the Right 

Document translation is not always enough. There are times when you need them translated by a Certified Translator & notarized.  We offer Certified Translations that are 100% acceptable to most government and private institutions. 


We also offer Notarization services along with Certified Document Translation. Make sure that you confirm the translation requirements from receiving authority. 

Common Certified Translation Documents

Driver's License


Marriage Certificate Translations

Birth Certificate


Education Certificate Translation

All Types of 




Household Certificates

Identity Cards

Divorce Documents

Renunciation Certificates

Visa and Immigration Documents

Medical Certificates

Bank Documents

Legal Documents

Work Experience Certificates

Books Tramslation

Tenancy Contracts

Police Clearance Certificates


Financial Contracts

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