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Translation rates

The prices and turnaround times below are estimates/indicative.

To get an accurate quote, please fill out our online form.

All our rates are negotiable and subject to change w/o notice


The above rates are only estimates. We often provide individualized quotes considering the amount of text and other factors. For example, pages that contain minimal text may be done for free provided they are part of a number of other pages. In addition, we sometimes provide rates even lower than $19.95 per page. To get an accurate cost estimate, please submit a quote request here.

The reasons why some languages cost more than others are a few. The most cited reason is the low demand for the language and the lower availability of translators. The lower the demand and thus the lower availability or, in other words, the smaller number of translators, the higher the rate. For example, there is high demand for Spanish or French translations and low demand for Finnish or Afrikaans, therefore, the former will cost less than the latter.

1. Our regular service costs starting from $19.95/page. It has an average turnaround time of estimated 24-48 hours. 2. Our Priority service is perfect for people who need their translation(s) the next day. It takes about 10-24 hours on average. Its starting rate is $46.95 per page. 3. Our Express service is for those who need their translation(s) the same day (if ordered by 3 pm) or in the morning the next day (by 11 am). Its starting rate is $72.95 per page. Lastly, our Super Urgent service takes only a few hours and is our fastest service available at $95/page.

​The aforementioned rates and turnaround times mostly apply to small and average size orders. Orders with considerable amount of content or number of pages may be assigned different rates and turnaround times relative to their size and other factors such as languages and text complexity. 

Note: While we try our best to come up to everyone's expectations, certain documents may take longer to process. In case, we can not process your order as specified in the aforementioned times, we will let you know the approximate completion time by Email.

Other services

If you have any other questions about our pricing and turnaround times, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email at Thank you!

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