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Technical Translation Services
Get High-Quality Technical Document Translation
Starting from $18.95/per page

Looking for Technical Translation Services?  LetterCrafts US is your partner !!!


Letter Crafts Translations is a professional translation company with offices in USA & Singapore, with experience and expertise in multiple geographies and industry sectors. We provide translation services in over 80+ languages. We can handle all types of Technical Documents for your business needs.


We are happy to assist and align with your needs and provide guaranteed customer satisfaction

Frequent Technical

Translations We Do

Technical Manuals

Technical Brochures

Installation Guides

Technical White papers

AutoCAD Drawings

Technical Videos

Patient information sheets

Technical Documentation

Safety Instruction Manuals

Technical Training Modules

Technical Maintenance Guides

& other technical documents

Technical Websites

Technical Translation Services

We offer technical translations produced by a native linguist.  we work with the client to understand the glossary of technical terms. and work with the linguists to localize the glossary of technical terms.

All translation work is subject to critical quality control, with respect to technical and non-technical linguistic element. We work closely to reproduce the technical documents as close to the original format and representation, post quality assurance. 




How it Works?

Translation Services - Process 

A multi-step process that ensures effortless, safe and accurate to deliver high quality results.




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